The Perfect Day in Milwaukee


I know that people who come to visit Milwaukee are most likely here for a short stay. For that reason I have decided to create a travel itinerary based off of what I believe would be the best day in Milwaukee.

My most perfect day would begin by waking up and heading to breakfast. Food and sleep are my two favorite things, so if I am not doing one, I am most likely doing the other. Because of where I live, I would walk to Peter Sciortino’s Bakery on Brady St. and get an almond croissant and probably a cherry turnover as well. If you are looking for a place where you can sit down and have breakfast or brunch, Comet Café on Farwell Ave has won awards in our local entertainment guide, the Shepherd Express, and has received good reviews from customers. Check it out for yourself:


After breakfast, I would head to the Milwaukee Art Museum which has become the iconic building of the city. Besides the building which is a work of art in itself, they have a wide variety of art and they have new installments quite frequently. On the first Thursday of every month admission is free so you can save a few bucks if you time it right. Once I have had my fill of new ideas, I will most likely need an afternoon pick-me-up. Along the lake, not only is the view beautiful, regardless of season, but you can take a stroll to a local coffee house named Colectivo Coffee. I prefer the mocha shake which is the perfect mix of coffee, chocolate and ice cream, especially for the days when you cannot decide between your guilty pleasures.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, if you choose, Milwaukee is known for its breweries. There are many different brewery tours you can go on and my favorite has been the Lakefront Brewery tour. The admission is only $7 and you receive many samplings and a souvenir pint glass. And don’t forget the “Beer On Us,” where you can get a free beer at another bar in the neighborhood. Let’s just say that it is guaranteed fun.

By now you will most likely need to have another meal. The top spots for restaurants are downtown off of Water St. or Wisconsin Ave., Brady St. on the east side, or 5th and National Ave. on the south side for Mexican and Latin American cuisine. Depending on your preference, Milwaukee has a restaurant to satisfy your taste buds. One place that I enjoy, especially if you are in the mood for a tasty burger and some real Wisconsin cheese curds, is AJ Bombers. It is a place that was featured on Travel Channel’s Food Wars and won with the best burger in Milwaukee. This restaurant is a place where you can throw your peanut shells on the floor, eat deep fried foods that ooze flavor and enjoy a few beverages of your choice.


To end the day after a good meal, it is time to experience the nightlife. Now, Milwaukee is more low key than other metropolitan cities but it does have a lot of options. My friends and I often begin the night at Casablanca on Brady St. It is a Middle Eastern restaurant that is always packed on Friday and Saturday nights because they play electronic music and have belly dancers that perform. If you are looking for streets for bar hopping Water St. or Old World Third St. are good options. Also, for a more upscale crowd, the area known as the Third Ward has more bars and clubs of all kinds. Regardless, Milwaukee is known for its beer and for people that like to have a good time so don’t miss out!

Milwaukee is my hometown and I do love it dearly. I highly recommend visiting Milwaukee and creating your own perfect day.


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