East Side

Milwaukee’s East Side I called my home for over 8 years. I have every street of this section of the world memorized so I will begin my sharing with you some of my favorite places to visit in this neighborhood.

My first stop was at the North Point Lighthouse. It is located inside of Lake Park, along Lake Michigan. You can enjoy the trails and the view, as this sits on top of the hill alongside the lake.


Oakland Avenue/UW-Milwaukee


This neighborhood is located at the northern part of the East Side. Here you will find a lot of college students and wherever there are college students there are cheap eats to meet their budget. I like Shawarma House on Oakland to get Middle Eastern food, or shawarma. On Downer and Oakland Ave there are plenty of restaurants and shops to check out and especially on a budget.

North Avenue


North Avenue is known for its restaurants and bars. Much of Milwaukee’s night life begins here and since today was not only Opening Day for the Brewers at Miller Park but also the college basketball National Championship featuring Duke and Wisconsin, the bars were already filled with people. Everyone is very excited for both sporting events. Go Badgers!

I grabbed lunch at Beans and Barley, a market and cafe on North that specializes in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. However if that is not your style, there are plenty of other bar/restaurants just around the corner where you can grab a great burger.

This here used to be the late-night delight of Milwaukee, Sil’s, but it is now owned by another restaurant. However they still are open late and sell the best mini donuts that will satisfy your taste buds after a night out.

Brady Street

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Brady St is also known for its nightlife and its festival that it has around my birthday in July every year. There are many coffee shops, a delicious bakery and restaurants with food from every continent. My favorite bar on Brady is Nomad World Pub that is specifically a soccer bar and who hosted a great event for the last two World Cups. The restaurant Casablanca on the other end of the street is usually the place to go on a Friday or Saturday night if you are looking to hang out and have a drink. My favorite restaurant to eat at on Brady is Mimma’s, an Italian restaurant. They have the best tiramisu I’ve ever had!

If you are visiting Milwaukee be sure to check out Farwell Ave. and Prospect Ave., which are near by, for excellent restaurants that have all kinds of cuisine. You definitely won’t be bored or hungry if you visit Milwaukee’s East Side!

Added bonus: At the public library they had this artwork displayed. The exhibit is called “In My Shoes” where artists painted actual shoes using symbolism to represent their stories of abuse, depression, anxiety or addiction. See more about the project here.


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