Mackinac Island

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In the summer of 2011 I went to Mackinac Island for a weekend trip with my boyfriend’s company. They were having their 25 anniversary that year and offered everyone to go to the island to celebrate the accomplishment. Considering that I had just graduated from college and only had a few pennies to my name I was glad that we got to go for free.

From Milwaukee we drove up to where you can grab a ferry that will take you to the island. The boat trip was fun and I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the island.The streets were lined with red, white and blue banners and I expected to hear music from the early 20th century to be playing on a old record player. It was almost like I had stepped back in time, where horse and buggies lined the streets and people were dressed elegantly as they were strolling along, looking for fudge and enjoying the summer sun.

We stayed at the Island House Hotel which was conveniently located and had a beautiful view, especially from the dining room. At night we would go for walk up and down the main streets. You feel very safe when you are there and the island is so small you never have to worry about getting lost because eventually you will make your way back around.

One night,  we decided to go on a haunted tour. The guide walked us around the island mentioning different places where spirits have been sighted. We had all enjoyed a drink or two before going on the tour so we were in an extra festive mood, which either made the tour guide entertained by us or hope that the spirits would come alive. At one point on the tour the tour guide took us to a haunted theatre where it was reported that a young child fell from the rafters to his death. I had earlier stated that I was a teacher but it was ghost children that freaked me out the most. Nevertheless, the tour guide made me sit up in the balcony of the theatre by myself, in the dark. I was convinced that he was going to have someone tap me, or say something to me but nothing happened. However, I never admitted it until now, I was extremely frightened. I sat up there, plugging my ears and humming a song to myself so that I wouldn’t scream or start crying. Ahh, that feels good to get off my chest.

Anyway, Mackinac Island doesn’t have to be a scary experience for you. There are many family friendly activities. One of my favorite things we did was rent a horse and buggy and we got to drive it around the island for an hour or two. You can also go horse back riding or rent bikes to ride around the island. And when you are done riding around, don’t forget to refuel with some fudge!


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