The Most Perfect Day in Sevilla

Sevilla is by far my most favorite city in the whole world (yes, I am biased). I lived there for 4 months when I studied abroad and then I traveled back for my 25th birthday where I had the luxury to introduce someone new to the city. Here is the itinerary of all the things you have to do when visiting the most enchanting and friendly city in Spain.


Be sure to get some R&R and sleep in. You will need the energy for the walking you will be doing and more importantly because nothing opens before 10am.

10 am: Grab a coffee at the nearest restaurant. Anywhere you go will be perfect but my favorite place is on Avenida de la Constitución called Horno de San Buenaventura. It overlooks one of the main streets of Sevilla and it is close to everything that you will need to see during the day.

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11am: Head to La Catedral and plan on hiking up la Giralda tower.  The cathedral is the second largest cathedral in the world, next to the Vatican. Also, this is where Christopher Columbus is buried so you must see his tomb (why wouldn’t you?).

La Giralda tower overlooks the entire city and for the longest time it was the tallest tower. They just finished building the Cajasol Tower which is now taller than it. The tower was originally used during the time of the Moors, when someone would ride a donkey essentially to the top 5 times a day for the call to prayer. Now it is a bell tower and is a must see tourist attraction.

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12:30 pm: Once you are done with visiting the cathedral and Giralda tower, prepare yourself for one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited: the Real Alcazar. This is one of the world’s oldest functioning palaces and it was recently featured on the popular show “Game of Thrones.” The architecture as well as the gardens are absolutely stunning.

2 pm: Prepare for lunch. Since you are in Barrio Santa Cruz, you can stop at any restaurant in the area. For many people this is their favorite section of the city (mine is Triana but I will get to that later).  Often there are lunch specials that will fill you up for only 10 euros.  You can also relax with a glass of Tinto de Verano or a coffee if you prefer. From about 3 to 5pm the city has a siesta, meaning that all the shops and businesses are closed down so take your time. There is never a rush in Sevilla, just to live life.

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If you are in the mood for a sweet treat Plaza Nueva has the best gelato I have ever had. La Fiorentina is a little hidden gem but anyone who knows about it frequents it. My favorite combination is hierbabuena and frambuesa (mint and raspberry). It is perfectly refreshing for the heat in Sevila, regardless of the time of year.

4pm: At this point you might need to rest, so head back to your hotel/hostel, take a siesta and get ready for the night.


6pm:  Shopping! You can expect that shops will be open so stroll through the downtown on Calle Sierpes. These streets will be filled with people and you can find the latest fashions, jewelry and souvenirs here. Also you could head over to the Triana neighborhood. If you are especially interested in ceramics there are many pottery shops where you can get hand painted ceramics for a very good price.

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9:30pm: Head to dinner. To be honest, I rarely ate out for dinner. Since I lived there I always ate at home but you can of course find great places that have tapas. For dessert, there is a churro stand that is on the corner of the Puente de Triana/Puente Isabel II (yes, the bridge has two names and people use both). Here I always get the churro relleno con chocolate. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.


11pm: Head over to Calle Betis in Triana, if you aren’t there already. This street that is along the river is filled with bars and restaurants that are all nicely priced. If you are with a group of people and are looking for drink suggestions, I would say go to T de Triana and order a pitcher (jarra) of Agua de Sevilla. It is a mix of alcohols with pineapple juice and whipped cream on top. And trust me, you will only need one pitcher.There are many bars and clubs in Sevilla, for any kind of nightcrawler you are. Generally people are very friendly and will give you great suggestions for whatever it is that you are looking for.

And that’s it! That’s the most perfect day in Sevilla! You will see a lot, and it will tire you out but every minute is more exciting than the next. And if you are anything like me, after only a day, a piece of your soul will be left there in that city, floating along the Guadalquivir. No8Do.



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