A place with a complex. English. Spanish. Big Rock. Big Egos.

I’ll begin with a note of caution: my experience in Gibraltar wasn’t a great one. As part of the study abroad program I was in, we had some excursions that were included where we would take field trips to learn more about the country and culture of Spain. Since we were all in the teaching program and had part time jobs teaching English, the school decided to have us go to Gibraltar to visit a bilingual school in hopes to understand more about bilingual programs. So, hopefully right now you are realizing how boring a trip to see a school would be.

In the morning I woke up to my alarm, quickly changed and grabbed my purse. I made the trip over to the university where we were meeting. As we were standing around the guide asked if we all have our passports which of course I didn’t think to grab. I quickly had to run home, which was about 3 miles from where we were, and run all the way back. I contemplated grabbing a cab but I knew that that would not be nearly as fast because of the winding streets of Sevilla create a maze. However, I took a cab on the way back and told my friend to meet me with cash, since they were holding on to my purse while I ran home with only my phone and keys. As we approached the university I saw my friend running down  the street, and like a relay race gave the cash to the cabdriver as I hopped out of the car and ran towards the bus. Of course no one was too thrilled that I kept us from leaving on time but oh well. Little did I know that this would be the most exciting part of the trip.

We got to Gibraltar and walked through the gates. It was like we were walking back in time to a fairy tale land, or like an exhibit at Epcot. There was a red telephone booth and guards that we dressed up like they were guarding Buckingham Palace. My friend asked for a stamp in her passport as proof that she was there but that excitement was slowly diminished. We were greeted by the principal who joked that since we were students from the U.S. learning Spanish, we didn’t speak Spanish or English either. Insert rolling eyes here.

After being turned off by the principal we toured the school and met some of the students. Like the average middle schooler, they were underwhelmed with our visit but at least they weren’t nearly as rude. We chatted with them about their classes and things that they liked to do in attempts to make this field trip meaningful.

Afterward, we had some free time to tour around the city. We had little cash since we didn’t know we would have free time so we decided not to go to the top of the mountain to see the monkeys that are apparently there. So we walked around, went into a glass blowing shop and then grabbed a drink at a bar and waited for the time to pass. Later, we looked at the pictures the other students took and it was like we were there. Gibraltar is just place with a big rock. That’s it.

Once we got back home, we made plans to go out that night to celebrate surviving the day. Needless to say, we partied a little too hard but so it goes. To sum it up, this picture says it all.

Gibraltar. Bland Travel.

IMG_1774 (2)