Oh Canada!

I had always wanted to go to Canada since my dad was born there but the opportunity didn’t arise until one day, while we were having our annual MeatFest (a day when we go to a Brewers baseball game and tailgate) did we plan to take a road trip.

During Labor Day weekend, my friend and I drove from Wisconsin, down through Illinois, and up through Michigan to cross into Ontario. Our final stop would be in Kitchener where my friend’s cousin lived and after a 10 hour drive we were happy to get out of the car, stretch our legs and go to sleep.

The first day we went to the farmer’s market in Kitchener where we tasted some great apple fritters.

Afterward, we spent the rest of the day in Toronto, having dinner in the downtown plaza and going to the top of the CN Tower. I was fearful to step on the glass floor that they have in the observation tower, but I did it for the picture anyway.

The next day we headed to Niagara Falls. It took us longer than expected to get there since there was so much traffic because of the holiday weekend. Of course we went on a boat to be right next to the falls and we were sure to use our waterproof phone cases on lanyards we had bought when we went to Puerto Rico. It allowed for us to take great pictures without worrying about our phones getting soaked. And then we spent the rest of the night in the very lively city, eating plenty of food and riding on the Ferris wheel.

Overall, Canada felt very similar to Wisconsin and therefore I felt like I was at home. Luckily we had great tour guides, that being my friend’s cousin and his girlfriend, that took us around and were very hospitable. I would definitely go back since Canada is pretty laid back and yet there is plenty to do there. Just go!