Itinerary: Buzios

When I visited Buzios, it was during the winter (July) and was actually the low season for tourists, even though I was there during the 2014 World Cup. My friend and I originally planned to only stay there for two days but it quickly turned to 5 days. Buzios is a quaint beach city and so you should plan on digging your toes into the sand, getting new tan lines and enjoying a slower pace of life. Here is one way you can choose to enjoy your days there.



Wake up and enjoy breakfast at the hostel. Not too many places are open early in Buzios so I would suggest staying at a place that includes breakfast or buy something at the grocery store.

10am: Head to the beach. There are about 20 different beaches on this peninsula of a city. There are many that you can visit that are all close that you can walk to or take the public transportation, which is a van that drives up and down the main road.



1pm: Lunch time! We found that the most economical as well as delicious way to enjoy lunch was to find a lunch buffet. You can choose from many different dishes and pile it up on your plate.



6pm: Dinner- In Brazil is where I had the most seafood, and specifically sushi, in my life. Even if you don’t usually order seafood, I would suggest it here. It is so fresh and prepared deliciously!

Nightlife:  Like I had mentioned before, the city was kind of dead when we were there however there is a very happening downtown area. There are many clubs and bars in a close area. We were even told a story of how Leonardo Di Caprio was there a week or two before we arrived. He pulled up on his yacht, closed down the most popular club, Pacha Buzios, and partied all night long. That could happen to you too!


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