Favorite Souvenirs

One of the ways to best get over a trip hangover is to ogle over the awesome souvenirs that you brought back with you. I will admit I have an eclectic taste and I enjoy my hodgepodge of trinkets that I have bought or that people have given me as a gift. Here are some of my favorites:

From Puerto Rico, I bought a towel that is the flag and on top of it, I have my Puerto Rican Barbie who traveled with my to the beautiful island.

From Brazil, I have the flag, a wooden box that is well crafted and still holds the scent of the Brazilian air. I also had other impulse buys like one of my favorite bracelets, that is made with beads spelling out Brazil, and a t-shirt I bought from the World Cup store to support the event. And lastly, I enjoy my statue of Christ the Redeemer, which I keep on my desk to watch over me.

From Dubai, I have a tea set, that I have not actually used for it’s intended purpose, but just for decoration, and a collection of incense that I do use more often.

From Egypt, what else would you expect but pyramids! I didn’t actually buy these ones for myself, but they were bought for me.

From Portugal, I have a refrigerator magnet that is of the Barcelos Rooster. Want to find out more information about it? Read it here.

From Spain, I have so many souvenirs because I have been there and traveled all over quite a few times. But my favorite that I own and use frequently are coasters that are made from handpainted tile. In Sevilla, there is a corner in the barrio of Triana that has many ceramic stores. You can check out the website for on of the stores, Ceramica Triana, here.

There are many more souvenirs, and many gifts I have bought others over the years that I could discuss, but these are just a few that I am willing to share with others. Until next time, buy some of your own souvenirs and Just Go!


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