Good Eats

Food. One of the greatest wants and needs in our every day life. On my trips abroad I have often been adventurous with my taste buds. Here are some of the best dishes I have had in as many countries as I can think of.

IMG_1692 006

Doner Kebab– The Turkish version of the shawarma, that is beloved in the Middle East, the doner kebab is one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. This dish is served all over Europe but I will argue that the best one is in Madrid on Calle Atocha called Euro Doner Istambul. You have to make sure to get enough sauce on it too!

253 255

In Lisbon, I had one of the best culinary experiences. I went to a Fado show in Bairro Alto. It was dinner, singing, dancing and an intimate club scene, which is why the photos didn’t turn out the best. For the 5 hours of entertainment and a 3 course meal (including a bottle of wine) was 65 euros. But well worth it!

In Brasil, my favorite dish was feijoada. I would get this dish at pretty much every restaurant we would go to. Bean? Yum! Meat? Delicious. And overall, mixxing it all together means nothing could be better.


Puerto Rico is where I enjoyed plantains, especially in mofongo. It is a pretty heavy dish but every bite is well worth it.


Dubai had the best hummus. It was so creamy it was like the consistency of cream cheese. Not even Sabra brand can make it THAT well.

Greece is where I had one of the best meals, and maybe some of the best wine. We didn’t know what to order so we told the waitress to bring us the best and most popular dishes. I wish I would have taken more pictures or written more of it down. Just know that it was awesome!


Well, all this typing is making me hungry. So until next time, Bon appetit!





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