Ode to My Passport

Just a few weeks after my road trip to Canada, my passport became expired. Luckily, in order to travel to Canada, my passport didn’t have to be valid for 6 months after my arrival, like trips to some other countries. If that would have been true, I wouldn’t have been able to go on a whim like I did. However, once I returned I couldn’t procrastinate any longer; I had to go through the process of figuring out what I needed to do to renew it.

The most trustworthy website to use is the U.S. Passports and International Travel page. There you will find the requirements that best meet your situation. I was able to send mine through the mail and so I headed to the closest post office where I got the correct form, filled it out along with inserting my new photo, check, and old passport.

For anyone who loves traveling and holds on dearly to their passport can probably understand how nerve wracking this experience was. I was very concerned about not having my old passport returned to me because of the stamps I had collected and the memories it symbolizes, but also because it had my travel visa for Brazil which is good for the next 8 years which I plan on using again. So, needless to say, when my new passport arrived without my old one I immediately went to the computer to find out why. I will inform you now, my old passport came the next day, in a separate envelope. So don’t worry, if it doesn’t come with your new passport, it is on its way.

I got my first passport when I was 17; a high school senior who was about to embark on her first trip to Europe. Throughout these years I have been to quite a few places which I really believe helped shape me throughout my young adulthood into the person I have become. So here is an amateur attempt at a poem that I’ll title, “Ode to My Passport.” Enjoy!

Since I first got you ten years ago

I have seen a lot and I learn a lot from every place I go

From busy European city streets

And numerous delicious eats

To visiting sunny Spain from coast to coast

And Portugal, so beautiful, the most

The Italian Colosseum and holy Vatican City

To the Grecian island of Mykonos, oh so pretty

Gibraltar was a waste

So we left it with haste

And I’ve collected a few stamps

from busy airports in England, Ireland and France


From Dubai, with its dry desert air

To the humidity of Brazil

I’ve traveled throughout North America,

Puerto Rico to Canada, our last thrill

They say your passport gets you places

And all these places I have been

The experiences that I’ve left with

Are the stories I now pen

I’ll replace you now with another

To have more adventures to every nation

But I promise never to forget

The journey is the destination



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