Blogging Ain’t Easy

Hello all!

So, I know it has been awhile since I have written anything. Sometimes life gets busy and as you may already know, I’m a teacher so I spend a good 50+ hours a week with my “real job” and have this blog as a hobby. This year I have been particularly occupied with other things but enough with the excuses. Here is what I have been up to since  the last time I posted, and what you can look forward to reading about:

  1. Wisconsin Dells–Over the summer my friends and I went to the Wisconsin Dells and so I will tell you what we did, where we went and all about our cases of overindulgence and other shenanigans.
  2. Canada– Yes, this Canadian-American finally took a road trip to Canada! We stayed in Kitchener with my friend’s cousin and spent a day touring Toronto, and another day in Niagara Falls. Pretty cool, eh?
  3. I renewed my passport– This meant that I had already been traveling for ten years (!) and it was time to renew my passport. I’ll walk you through what to do in case you are soon to be in the same situation.
  4. I wrote a book!– In November, I devoted an hour and a half every night participating in National Novel Writing Month by sitting in front of my laptop and gathering my meandering thoughts and experiences into one novel.
  5. Chicago– I’ve been to Chicago plenty of times in my life since it’s not too far away, but recently I visited; once to celebrate a birthday and another to present at a national conference for work.

As you can see, I wasn’t kidding. I have been busy. And in the next two months I will have a few more adventures, first to New Orleans and then to St. Louis with my students, which is a trip I have been in charge of organizing this year. So, I would like to conclude by saying thank you for your continued support and interest in my blog. I will start working on my new posts now. Until then, Just Go!



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