Drinking Around the World

Now that summer is officially over I can sit back and reminisce about the adventures I had. This summer I didn’t physically travel all over the world but I did sample multiple cultures and cuisines with my friend Danielle.

One day at lunch I met up with Danielle (who has been asking to be featured on my blog for quite some time now) for lunch and we had a wonderful idea; we were going to spend the summer drinking around the world. The requirements were that each time we got together we were to enjoy a beverage from as many different countries as possible throughout the summer months. Since we were eating lunch at a restaurant named Cafe Hollander, which was located next to Cafe Bavaria we were already off to a good start.

We ideally would have wanted to sample something from every country in the world but that wasn’t possible for many reasons.

1. We didn’t easily have access to beer or wine from every country (even though everyone should ship their stuff to Wisconsin!)

2. Many countries don’t have alcoholic beverages specifically from there

3. It could have gotten pretty costly

I had found an app that would allow me to check off what countries we had visited. I would check off each country and make a note of what it was that we drank, that is if I remembered.

So here it is! The final tally from our times together: Number of countries 27

Japan- sake

Chile- Los Vascos wine

Brazil- caipirinha

Puerto Rico- mojitos

Netherlands- Grostch beer

Czech Republic- Pilsner Urquell beer

Ireland- Harp beer

Antarctica- water

France- wine

Jamaica- Red Stripe

Germany- beers at Cafe Bavaria

Vatican City- Argentinian and Italian wine, Tower of Pisa liqueur

Belgium- Green’s beer

Russia- Moscow mule (lol)

Hungary- Bull’s Blood wine

Thailand- Chang beer

Liechtenstein- Bloody Marys with the Princess of Liechtenstein

China- Buddha beer

Spain- sangria

England- Pimm’s Cup

Scotland- ginger beer

Italy- Peroni beer

Norway- I don’t know but it was disgusting

Mexico- margaritas

USA- having a Swig at Nig’s

Cuba- mojitos

Australia- Shiraz wine


Feel free to try this with your friends. It’s a good way to experience different drinks and cultures without leaving your home. We had a good run but I wish we could have gotten more. Next year we already have our plan that might be easier to conquer: drink from all 50 states.



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