Best Museums

Museums can be a make or break tourist attraction in my opinion. I have been to quite a few, although when I travel I usually prefer to be out and about instead of inside, but here are a few museums I would recommend that you cannot miss.

Vatican Museum, Vatican City– How can you not go to a museum that literally has everything since the beginning of time? There are artifacts from ancient Egypt, Nero’s bath which is made out of material that no longer exists anywhere else in the world, and beautiful artifacts and artwork from every century. Plus on top of that, the Sistine Chapel is next door. Enough said.


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.- I attended this museum for the first time this last year and it is a very moving experience. It was our last stop on a week long trip and it was the most profound because although I have studied about the Holocaust, read countless books, seen multiple movies, to be in a museum with the real artifacts and listening to survivors stories was indescribable.


Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit

National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.– I have visited many of the Smithsonian museums but I would say that this one is my favorite. I believe it is best to go to with children since there are life size models and pieces that make you feel so small and they are so impressive. Plus they have awesome artifacts like Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit!


Museo National Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain– It is smaller than the Prado museum which is located not too far away but I prefer this one because it features a lot of memorable and important pieces, such as Picasso’s Guernica and when I was last there there was a wonderful installment of Dali works.


Milwaukee Art MuseumMilwaukee, WI– Okay, so this might be a plug for my hometown but I will say that there is a reason the Milwaukee Art Museum is the symbol of the city. It showcases a lot of contemporary art and often has unique installments. I love that they are so connected with the community and include a lot of resources for school teachers and students. Everyone that I have met who visited the museum that was from out of town was impressed with the artwork as well as the beautiful architecture of the building itself.


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