Wisconsin State Fair

It’s that time of year again, when the end of summer approaches and families are getting ready to go back to school. Our last big festival that everyone attends is the Wisconsin State Fair that usually begins the first week of August and runs for 10 days. The State Fair is famed for its cheese curds, cream puffs and other dairy products since we are the Dairy State and of course there are rides, concerts and animals.

  From my experience the best cheese curds from the Brad and Harry’s stand that you can pick out from their use of Jerry Mouse from Tom and Jerry. They have the best batter that encloses a gooey cheese. If you like, you can dip the cheese curds in marinara sauce or ketchup but they are still excellent plain. These are a must for me every year that I go to the Fair.

 There are many deep fried favorites as well, such as elephant ears, funnel cakes, and deep fried Twinkies or candy bars, on a stick of course. This year I tried a deep fried Twinkie, which for me was too doughy. I also had a deep fried Oreo cookie which was one of the better things I have had at the Fair.

Another common item most people try at the Wisconsin State Fair is different flavored milks. I am very picky when it comes to milk in general so I have never bothered to try it but I know that besides just regular milk there is also chocolate cream pie, root beer, banana cream, orange dreamsicle and strawberries and cream flavored milks. You can try any or all flavors for just 25 cents a cup!

Lastly, we tried an assortment of exotic meats, such as kangaroo, wild boar, venison, alligator, python and bison. Overall they were flavorful but it was more about the novelty of trying them than a great culinary experience.
         For every family there is something special about the State Fair. Maybe its a food item or your favorite ride. Maybe it’s seeing the animals or rocking out to your favorite band. For me, the Wisconsin State Fair is delicious fun.


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