Stars and Stripes Forever

Happy 4th of July! I hope you are preparing for your cookout, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the long weekend. Last year at this time I was far from home. I was watching the Brazil vs Colombia soccer game on Copacabana Beach but I still represented my country. I wore a tank top with the American flag on it and often received confused stares:

“You know that the US team lost already, right?”

“Yes, but today is our Independence Day.”

“Oh, that’s right. Happy 4th of July!”


It was a bit surprising that so many people from other countries knew about our Independence Day; literally, people from Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Germany all sent their well wishes. I will say that most people were excited after Brazil won (except for Colombia fans), so everyone was extra friendly. I have always loved that sports has the power to bring people together.

This year I am here in the Land of the Free, watching parades and seeing fireworks, but it is tomorrow when we will all be united. Once again I will be wearing my stars and stripes while I cheer on our US Women’s National team in the World Cup final against Japan!

Today might be our Independence Day but tomorrow we will all chant “U-S-A!”



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