Puerto Rican Food

234 Mofongo, the traditional dish of Puerto Rico and wow is it flavorful, filling and delicious! Mofongo contains fried plantains as the base and then is served with your choice of meat on top. (I had it both with pork and chicken).


Black beans and rice with breaded chicken–the biggest piece of breaded chicken I’ve ever seen! As a kid I would love eating black bean soup whenever we would go to Florida but we could never find it up in the north. So having black bean soup here reminded me of my childhood.


 506 647

Drinking from a coconut is always an experience, especially when the guy takes out his machete and hacks it open right in front of you. And surprisingly at the hotel I had some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. It’s black and strong so be prepared to be awakened!


Medalla is the most popular light beer, which tastes pretty much like any other light beer. Also you can buy sangria in juice box form so beware. But best of all, the mojitos are perfect!

“Street food”

503 504

Or maybe beach food. However, being on the beach and served a hot dog was surprisingly delightful. It’s topped with onions, beef and some shoestring potatoes. Yum!

Other dishes:

When you first get to your table they bring you a bread basket–garlic bread–that has freshly chopped garlic or shallots on it.


Ropa vieja– probably the most filling and flavorful dish. The shredded beef was tender, the black beans were savory and the fried sweet plantains (maduros) were delectable.


El jibarito sandwich– Once again, fried plantains (see a pattern?) with your choice of meat in between. This one was topped with cheese and, of course, served with Puerto Rican rice!


And if you can’t find anything that you like, you can always eat at one of these:



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