TBT: Carnaval in Cádiz

In 2009 for Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Carnaval I was in Spain and the best city to attend festivities for this time is in Cádiz. Cádiz is a city located on the southwest coast of Spain and it prides itself on holding its annual festival for Carnaval.

IMG_1538                           IMG_1541

When I was packing for studying abroad, I did not imagine that I needed to pack a Halloween costume but there was no need to worry since my friends and I found a store that was selling all kinds of costumes. We were prepared to go as a flamenco dancer (how appropriate for Spain), a fairy, a cowboy, or a ballerina princess.

IMG_1546 IMG_1548 IMG_1547

We met up with a tour group that took us from Sevilla to Cádiz. The drive took maybe an hour and when we arrived we were dropped off at the main plaza and were told what time we had to meet up at to leave. The streets were packed with people who were dressed up in various costumes and enjoying many adult beverages. Draped over the streets were strings of lights that were the only light for the long night. In the narrow cobblestone streets we found a few spots where we could sit and people watch. The best costume that I saw was a group of pregnant nuns. The jokes were endless.

IMG_1550                                IMG_1549

We had about 4 hours to walk around the street festival and we tried our best not to lose anyone in the crowd. We probably spent the most time waiting in line in a Burger King to use the bathroom, only to find out that of course there was no toilet paper and that it was definitely over used. We met many people at the festival and all were friendly and looking to have a good time.

So regardless of being in New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro or Cádiz, Spain….this day of the year is always a party!



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