Now I’ve Seen Everything

In spirit of all the weird headlines I have been reading lately in the newspaper, I had an idea to compile all of the strange, out-of-place, hilarious photos that I have taken over the years in my travels. They are here to make you laugh and/or ponder so enjoy!

Largest stein of beer I have ever seen from the Old German Beer Hall on Old World 3rd Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

005 (2)

I attended a May Day Solidarity march and here was a puppet constructed of our current governor Scott Walker that I captured along with someone who was waving a flag of Che Guevara. (Milwaukee)015 (2)

In Alicante, Spain there was a full symphony orchestra that was set up in the middle of a small plaza that was tucked away in the winding streets that only played for maybe a half hour on a Saturday night.

016 (2)

The family that I lived with in Madrid had two children aged 13 and 12. The 12 year old asked if he could have a “Tuenti” account which is Spain’s version of Facebook. He was then asked to draft his own contract including the rules that he would have to follow. Parenting done right.020 (2)

In Dubai there was an entire channel devoted to camel racing, like how we have a NASCAR channel in the States.

028 (2)

In Lisbon, Portugal I saw how they fixed the decorative cobblestone roads. Find a rock that fits and pound it in. Even the homeless man was amused.

041 (2)

Why did the nuns cross the road? Because this is Spain. 048 (2)

Sevilla, Spain. A vending machine for jamon..068 (2)

Valencia, Spain. The world’s most narrow building and a wall where they used an old statue to build it.125 (2) 126 (2)

Dubai, UAE. Globalization at its finest and something all too familiar.

194 (2) 212 (2)

New York, New York. Street artists are the best. Even if they pull you by your hair.

350 (2) 369 (2)

Madrid, Spain. At the Real Madrid Stadium I could get an Oscar Mayer hot dog and a picture with Cristiano Ronaldo!

621 (2) 647 (2)

Chicago, Illinois. Where you can drink out of a pineapple (not a tropical island) and of course eat deep-dish pizza.

DSCN2380 (2) DSCN2396 (2)

Las Vegas, Nevada. All the M&Ms you could imagine, clubs filled with too many “cool” people and gondola rides. No need to go anywhere else!

DSCN2770 (2) DSCN2793 (2) DSCN2810 (2)

Athens, Greece. At the Acropolis and taking pictures of really old rocks. greece (2)

Speaking of old rocks, here are some Roman ruins in Italica, Spain. The Romans were really into their arenas.

IMG_1184 (2)

The lady that I lived with in Sevilla was an artist and her husband was a flamenco guitarist. Here is a picture she had in her home from when her husband (left) met none other than Salvador Dali.IMG_1480 (2)

A tree out of a Dr. Seuss book. Madrid, Spain.IMG_1666 (2)

Gibraltar. This picture sums up my experience. “Thank you for visiting Gibraltar. Bland Travel.”IMG_1774 (2)

No, this is not in Wisconsin. An ice bar in Barcelona, Spain served their drinks in cups made of ice. IMG_1841 (2)

Come on Barcelona, no one says “Tunny”.IMG_1957 (2)

The changing of the guard in Athens, Greece.IMG_2108 (2)

Semana Santa in Sevilla. Quinn’s face sums up how we felt.IMG_2248 (2)

Went to see my hero Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert’s show in Milwaukee. We then snuck in backstage to meet them. Best. Day. Ever.

img_8986 (800x533) (2)

At the top of the Pao de Azucar in Rio de Janeiro we met some monkeys at lunch and some creative coconut friends.


The favelas of Rio de Janeiro.


A horse that would greet me every morning in Buzios, BrazilSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

One of the Wonders of the World. (Rio de Janeiro).SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

A crazy sports crowd. Nothing like the Argentina fans at the World Cup final. (Rio de Janeiro)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Best view from a bathroom. Chicago, Illinois in the Willis Tower. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Something from Pinterest that actually worked out. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Riding a zamboni at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. (MIlwaukee).SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Well, that’s the list so far. Hopefully I will be able to add more in the future. Until then, Just Go!


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