Personal Item: Packing a Purse

I am preparing for my trip to Puerto Rico next week and I was surfing the internet only to find multiple posts of advice on how to pack a carry on so I can avoid paying for luggage or how I could have coordinating outfits for a 10 day trip. One thing that I found to be overlooked was the importance of packing a personal item. So let me share with you what I always plan to pack in my purse when embarking on another international trip.


wallet– First let’s begin with the obvious. Of course you will need some form of ID when traveling, whether a driver’s license or passport, but it is also very important to pack a student ID if you have one. Many tourist sights have discounted prices for students and they are pretty lenient when it comes to its validity. When it comes to money, requesting foreign currency at your bank before you trip is well worth it. Before I went to Brazil I requested a rather large amount of cash and it was available to pick up the next day. It doesn’t cost anything extra and I didn’t have to worry about ATM fees or foreign transaction fees on credit card purchases.

hand sanitizer– Most countries don’t have the same standards of hygiene as the US so it is important to pick up a small bottle of hand sanitzer to carry around with you. Sometimes you won’t have access to a bathroom, hot water or soap in a restroom so it is best to play it safe.

napkins or tissue- In addition, I have found that sometimes in the restroom there wasn’t the most important thing, toilet paper. Be sure to have a few napkins or tissue in your purse in case of emergencies.

lip gloss and lotion– Traveling to different climates can take some time to get used to. Having these two things will help fight against the cold or arid places.

Colgate wisps– I love those little travel toothbrushes since you never know when you might need them. There is nothing worse than falling asleep on an airplane and waking up to less than fresh breath.

camera– I don’t think that this is a surprise. One thing that I like best about having a crossbody bag is that it frees up my hands to take great pictures, along with preventing pickpocketers from running away with everything I have. This purse in particular has two pockets, one where I keep my cellphone and the other for my camera so I never have to worry about missing picture-perfect moment.

good luck charms– Whether you believe in good luck charms or not, I think that having something that reminds you of home is always good for when you are away. I carry around with me my Grandpa’s prayer card, a prayer card that I bought in Vatican City with Pope John Paul II’s speech titled “Be Not Afraid” and my entrance ticket to Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro. These are a few reminders of where I’ve been and leave me with good sentiments for where I am headed.

So that’s it! Nice and simple. Feel free to post below any advice that you would tell travelers to pack. Until next time, just go!



One thought on “Personal Item: Packing a Purse

  1. May I suggest a pen, a small notepad and a Sharpie.
    If you’re “old school” like me, you don’t have a fancy phone and may want to write about your trip or a new friend’s address.
    The Sharpie is in case you meet a “Rock Star” and want an autograph. Where they sign it is up to you!
    I won’t encourage you to deface property with it although there are a few walls I have signed my name to!
    And a bottle of pain reliever for when the liquid courage used for the above wears off and your head starts aching!


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