TBT: Thanksgiving

Waking up on the morning of Thanksgiving was almost as great as waking up on Christmas Day. I would jump out of bed, run to the living room and turn on the TV to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I loved seeing the floats and would spend the entire morning creating my own parade. Using my wagon, baby carriage, Barbie car, Legos and K’nex to build the floats was a challenge and a great reward for my stuffed animals and Beanie Babies that would ride them. I would spend all morning constructing and connecting the floats so that right before Santa finished up the Macy’s parade, I would walk my own parade up and down the hallway. When the parade ended I was always excited for Christmas and it still wasn’t even December yet.

When I was younger my mom, being a nurse, usually had to work on Thanksgiving. I learned early on that the hospital never closes and so we celebrated the holidays in our own way. Many Thanksgivings we celebrated the day before or the day after with our turkey and mashed potatoes, but not always on the designated Thursday. Maybe on Thanksgiving we had chili or chicken enchiladas instead. I don’t remember it being a day when we stuffed our faces full of food. I remember it feeling like any other Sunday; hanging out with my dad and watching football, especially if the Packers were playing.

As I have gotten older Thanksgiving has changed a bit, from playing with toys to now cooking and running from one family’s house to another. However that doesn’t change the meaning of the holiday. Thanksgiving is a time to be satisfied with the things you have, the people you know and the time you can still spend with them. So Happy Thanksgiving to you, whether you are spending the day building a parade, watching football, eating a bunch of food or working like any other day.


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